Products and Services

Garment<br />Manufacturing


ReadyOne manufactures apparel and activewear for the military and the general public. Our merchandise is 100% ISO 9001 compliant. We follow established management practices that ensure that everything we make is tested against our multipoint quality assurance program.



ReadyOne produces corrugated boxes and packaging and storage containers for the El Paso, Texas, and northwest Mexico area in our 97,000-square-foot facility for public-sector organizations and private-sector enterprises. We also offer a broad variety of third-party logistics (3PL) and vendor managed inventory (VMI) services for our customers and clients.

Outsourced <br> Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

ReadyOne can reduce time to market as well as point-to-point logistics with our various outsourced manufacturing services for electronics, consumer products, and durable goods, translating to a significant savings of both time and money.