Garment Manufacturing

ReadyOne manufactures apparel and activewear for the military and the general public. Our merchandise is 100% ISO 9000:2015 compliant. We follow established management practices that ensure that everything we make is tested against our multipoint quality assurance program.

Product Development

ReadyOne’s experienced product development team uses its skills in design, sampling, and cost analysis to transform customer ideas into tangible, cost-effective products. We perform up-front technical work required for efficient, high-volume production. We also provide custom configuration and manufacturing for small-run orders, such as a recent order for three custom molded and bonded protective sheaths designed for a load-bearing exoskeleton assistive device.

Activewear and Outdoor Products

ReadyOne manufactures activewear and outdoor gear for climates ranging from steamy tropical heat to high altitude and bone-cold arctic environments. Our apparel and gear feature laminate seam sealing, exotic insulations, and fire retardant and abrasion-resistant materials designed to maximize comfort and durability in the face of extreme temperatures or drenching precipitation.

Our activewear and outdoor products include the following:

  • Running Suits
  • Woven Shirts
  • Work Wear and Coveralls
  • Jewelry Pouches and Storage
  • Headwear
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Insect Nets and Bug Screens
  • Tents
  • Impermeable Outerwear
  • Kevlar and Ballistic Twaron

Embroidery and Decals

Three 15-head, nine-color embroidery machines provide ReadyOne with the capacity to produce simple and complex logos, artwork, and other apparel identifiers. Our staff is skilled in performing high-resolution applications of pad printing on fabric. We utilize tagless printing when needed for increased wearer comfort, with a bonus of significant savings over woven and paper labeling.

Military Apparel

ReadyOne is proud to manufacture fitness and training gear for our nation’s armed forces. We make fitness and training gear as well as battle dress uniforms for every branch of the U.S. military.

ReadyOne’s military apparel includes the following:

  • JPACE Chembio Suit
  • Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform
  • Joint Services Light Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST)
  • Army Combat Pants (ACP)
  • Special Forces Protective Combat Uniform (PCU)
  • Army Combat Uniforms (ACU)
  • Extreme Cold Weather Sleep System (ExCWSS)
  • Navy Work Uniform (NWU)

Facilities and Equipment

Our manufacturing facility encompasses 345,000 square feet and has more than 2,000 sewing machines along with specialty fusing, seaming, and heat-pressing machines, programmable tackers, and automatic cutters and embroidery machines. The facility is fully climate controlled, and many of our machines have been specially adapted for our team members. To learn more about ReadyOne’s products, equipment, and facilities, contact the Business Development department at (915) 858-7277, extension 1047.