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Exciting News about Livinguard® Technology!

Innovative textiles for face masks can directly inactivate SARS-CoV-2 as researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and RWTH Aachen University showed


Although effective, traditional chemical treatments can harm us and cause bacteria and viruses to survive, adapt and become resistant to chemicals. LIVINGUARD® uses a novel approach of neutralizing bacteria and viruses on a molecular level.

Remember your high school chemistry class?

LIVINGUARD® uses charged ions to disrupt the atomic structure of bacteria and/or viruses, rendering them inactive. That’s the scientific way of saying it, but for the rest of us, we can simply say they are dead! But it is done safely and in a way that avoids any resistance being developed! LIVINGUARD® is certified as 100% safe by Product Safety Labs, USA



Long Lasting


Washable and Reusable


Environmentally Friendly


Cost Efficient




Comfortable to Wear



Mask Life
6 Months

Cost per day

Innovative Technology
Patented Livinguard® treated textile

Hand wash up to 30 washes

Environmental impact
Sustainable and Green

Adjustable straps for custom fit and breathable fabric

Mask Life
8 hours / 1 day

Cost per day
$0.50 – $2.00

Cannot be reused past 8 hours

Environmental impact
Major negative impact. Used masks end up in landfills.

Low. Prone to over-heating and condensation build-up

Tips for Proper Usage

Wear your mask


Wash your hands


Breathe normally


Pack your mask


Wash your mask with cold water


Reuse it normally


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How do I use ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® Mask?

Using ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® is easy! Just orient the mask to the front of your face, with the logo facing outwards. Make sure the nose clip is on the top, resting comfortably on your nose, and adjust this by pressing it together to form a tight seal. Stretch the elastic bands around your ears fully so the mask remains snugly in-place. And you are ready to go!

Finding ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® is a bit too big for your face and ears? No worries! There is a simple fix. Simply tie a knot in the elastic on each side, which then shortens the length of the elastic. You can adjust the position of the knot to get a perfect fit for you! Just be sure to tie the knot in the same position on both sides to ensure a good fit!

How do I clean my ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® Mask? How often do I clean it?

Cleaning your ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® mask is easy! Please bear in mind this is a personal protection device and items like the valve are highly sensitive under water. Start with using just cold water and a small amount of hand soap – no detergents or bleaches. Allow your mask to soak – DO NOT AGITATE AS THIS CAN DISRUPT THE VALVE PLACEMENT. Soaking should be for 30 minutes. After soaking DO NOT WRING and simply allow to air dry.

Please pay special caution to the valve area, as when the fabric wets, the valve can become displaced. Please handle delicately when wet.


What happens after 30 washes?

According to Livinguard®, tests showed that after 30 washes, the technology begins to degrade in performance. They tested up to 50 washes and found the potency still strong, but recommends using it only up to 30 washes.

What is the cost effectiveness of ReadyOne protected by Livinguard®?

Disposable masks are meant to be used only once than thrown away. Our mask can be used, washed, and worn again. The daily cost of our mask is about $0.12 a day.

How do I know what size to select?

ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® comes in 2 sizes L & M. We also offer a children’s mask suitable for ages 10-12. Refer to the size chart for sizing.

Also know that ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® has an adjustable bands around the ears so you can comfortably adjust the size.

Can ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® be worn with glasses?

The mask is designed to prevent glasses from fogging up. The nose clip is adjustable to also help with providing a comfortable fit.

Does the valve need to be cleaned and is it replaceable?

The valve will be cleaned during the handwashing process and you do not need to do any additional cleaning. The valve is not replaceable and if damaged (over-used), you will need to replace the mask.

I noticed my valve looks a bit displaced. What do I do?

The valve in ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® is a simple one-way valve, it closes upon inhalation; and opens on exhalation. Normally some slight distortion is no cause for concern, as once you inhale it brings the seal into place and the valve works properly.

It is important also to remember the rules on how to wash your mask. Any kind of agitation can disrupt the performance of the valve.

ReadyOne protected by Livinguard® cannot refund or exchange for valve mis-function after purchase and use, as it is a delicate component and any kind of improper use can lead to improper valve function. Thank you for your understanding.


ReadyOne Industries and its subsidiaries make no warranties or claims, either explicit or implicit, regarding the use of ReadyOne protected by Livinguard (the “Product” for 100% complete protection against any airborne viruses or other pathogens. The Product is treated with technology which reduces the risk of contracting airborne infections; but does not substitute the need for proper hygiene practices, personal health habits, or other forms of exposure risks. Furthermore, ReadyOne Industries and its subsidiaries shall be in no way liable for merchantability fitness for a particular purpose, misuse, unforeseen adverse effects, safety, reliability, durability and performance of the product. Use of the product is at the purchaser’s own risk.

This product has not been FDA cleared or approved

This product has been authorized by FDA under an EUA for use as source control by the general public as well as by HCP in healthcare settings as to help prevent the spread of infection or illness during the COVID-19 pandemic

This product is authorized only for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of the emergency use of medical devices, including alternative products used as medical devices, during the COVID-19 outbreak, under section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1) unless the authorization is terminated or revoked sooner.

This product contains an antimicrobial agent to prevent microorganisms from degrading the face mask.