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Marketing Specialist

TITLE: Marketing Specialist






Responsible for designing, creating and delivering marketing programs to support expansion and growth of the company’s services and products.  Responsible for creating sales presentations and providing reports according to the information gathered such as new products, market trends, competition, and pricing. Must rely on judgment in planning and experience to accomplish company’s marketing goals.


  1. Assist sales and marketing management with advertising materials and communications media to symbolize effectively the services and products of the company to customers.
  2. Receive work assignment from the marketing media communication vendor and complete the project assigned.
  3. Ensure appropriate arrangements are made in developing video scripts and selecting a producer, and handling assignments.
  4. Responsible for preparing all communication materials for distribution as required.
  5. Develop draft advertising layouts and text as campaign materials and present to upper management for review and approval.
  6. Manage layouts and designing of communications such as presentations, newsletters, event support materials, research papers and brochures.
  7. Design and implement marketing projects.
  8. Conduct and plan market research activities of business groups.  Activities include surveys, analysis of syndicated materials, focus groups, developing price elasticity metrics, conjoint analysis and situational modeling.
  9. Support cross-functional team with pricing direction, new product launch strategies and product positioning.
  10. Promote trade shoes, events, and advertising campaigns.
  11. Schedule meetings with sales and marketing sales representatives to discuss communication needs.  Work with marketing and sales team to meet communication deadlines.
  12. Responsible for reviewing marketing projects that are assigned, previous marketing materials, which are used in assignment area and gathering materials about competitive companies in their field.
  13. Responsible for arranging necessary aids for speaking and attending presentations and giving feedback to the speaker.
  14. Develop and write sketches of graphics and consult with the printing company’s representatives on the requirements of projects.
  15. Present recommendations to marketing committee or manager
  16. Manage editing and voice-overs for checking quality production in line with related parameters of the assignment.
  17. Develop and coordinate multimedia packages like brochures, letters, purchase displays, video etc. for specific assignments.
  18. Develop direct programs related to mails and monitoring rolls of the campaign and ensure success levels at conclusion.
  19. This position has no supervisory responsibilities.
  20. Performs other duties as assigned.


Education: Bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, communications or business.

Experience: 1 to 2 years

Specific Skills:  Excellent analytical and presentation skills including demonstration skills to handle many assignments simultaneously.  Ability to efficiently work under pressure, deadlines and work extra hours to complete tasks. Must be proficient in MS Word Office, Extensive Knowledge in Power Point and comfortable with various types of interest search engines.

Other Skills and Abilities: Strong effective oral and written communication skills required.  Ability to communicate insight and ideas effectively.  Must have effective people skills to deal with clients.  Must be self-confident and have an outgoing personality.  Ability to listen to details attentively. Exhibit great creativity and resourcefulness. Ability to take calculated and bold initiatives to meet the expectations of clients effectively.  Should be an expert in forwarding thinking, market research, and should possess problem-solving skills. Ability to use general office equipment (i.e. facsimile, photocopy, and/or related office peripherals).

Work Environment: Office environment. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individual with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


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